The group of Environmental Technology from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology of Valladolid University has been working hard since 1980 in the development of cost-effective technologies for the treatment of industrial and domestic wastewaters both aerobically and anaerobically.
Initially, the research activity was mainly focused in the field of anaerobic wastewater treatment, moving latter to nutrients removal and sludge treatment and minimization. In the last years, new research lines including biological odour/VOC treatment, algal-bacterial photobioreactors and biofuels from lignocellulosic materials and algal biomass.
Nowadays the main research lines of the group can be summarized as:
  • Anaerobic Processes
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Algal-Bacterial Processes
  • VOC and Odor Treatment
  • Biofuels from Waste Biomass
As a support to the research activity, the group has developed different test for wastewater, sludge and gases characterization and molecular techniques for biomass characterization. This research activity has been recognized and financed within the frame of several R&D projects from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education, and under the framework of several EU projects. In addition, the research group has successfully designed and operated pilot and field scale bioreactors for several environmental purposes.
Apart from the mentioned research activities supported by public institutions, the research group has collaborated intensively with several companies aiming to reinforce the knowledge transfer between University and Industry. In this context, the Environmental Technology Group has participated in 36 publicly Funded Projects (with a total budget of 9.018.222 €) and 73 Privately Funded Projects (with a total budget of 5.790.945 €) in the last 10 years. Nowadays, the Group is composed of 10 Senior Researchers, 9 PostDocs, 23 PhD students, 2 project-based Researchers and 11 Technicians. In addition, the scientific productivity of the group in the last 10 years accounts for 31 Defended PhD Thesis, 288 ISI Publications, 12 non-ISI, 252 International Congresses and 9 Patents [23/01/2020]