1. TITLE: “Photosynthetic biodegradation of domestic and agroindustrial wastewater”
    Date: 15/01/2019
    PhD student: Dimas García
    Supervisor: Dr. Raúl Muñoz Torre & Dr. Silvia Bolado
  2. TITLE: “Removal of odor emissions from food fermentation and petrochemical production processes with using biological treatment methods”
    Date: 22/02/2019
    PhD student: Ilker Akmirza
    Supervisor: Raúl Muñoz, Raquel Lebrero
  3. TITLE: “Nuevos mercados para el tratamiento de lodos en el campo de la digestión anaerobia en vía seca incluidas nuevas codigestiones a escala semi industrial”
    Date: 07//06/2019
    PhD student: Cristina Álvarez Requena
    Supervisor: Maria Fdz-Polanco, Joan Colon Jorda
  4. TITLE: “Biorremediación de metales pesados mediante el uso de microalgas”
    Date: 06/11/2019
    PhD student: Ricardo Saavedra
    Supervisor: Silvia Bolado, Raúl Muñoz
  5. TITLE: “Recovery of Carbohydrate Fraction from Microalgal Biomass grown in Wastewater Treatment photobioreactors: A Biorefinery Approach”
    Date: 11/11/2019
    PhD student: Judit Martín Juárez
    Supervisor: Silvia Bolado
  6. TITLE: Innovative approaches for enhancing the cost efficiency of biological methane abatement.
    DATE: 02/07/2018
    PhD student: Sara Cantera Ruiz de Pellón
    Supervisor: Raul Muñoz & Pedro A. García-Encina
  7. TITLE: From biogas to biomethane. Biological conversion of H2 and CO2 to CH4
    DATE: 14/12/2018
    PhD student: Natalia Alfaro Borjabad
    Supervisor: Fernando Fdz-Polanco, Israel Díaz Villalobos, María Fdz-Polanco
  8. TITLE: Methane Abatement Biotechnologies: Targeting Process Microbiology, Improvement of Process Performance and Revalorization
    DATE: 15/01/2018
    PhD student: Juan Carlos Lopez Neila
    Supervisor: Raul Muñoz & Guillermo Quijano
  9. TITLE: Novel Biotechnologies for N2O abatement.
    DATE: 15/01/2018
    PhD student: Osvaldo Frutos González
    Supervisor: Raul Muñoz & Guillermo Quijano
  10. TITLE: “Thermal Hydrolysis Pre-Treatment to Enhance Anaerobic Digestion of Waste Activated Sludge. Optimization of Operating Conditions and Evaluation of Alternative Schemes”.
    DATE: July 2016
    PhD student: Ieva Sapkaite
    Supervisors: Sara I Pérez Elvira
  11. TITLE: “Nitrogen removal in domestic wastewater after anaerobic treatment”.
    DATE: July 2016
    PhD student: Lara Pelaz Pérez
    Supervisor: María Fdz-Polanco
  12. TITLE: "Sugarcane bagasse pretretrament by ozonolysis for bioalcohols production: effect on sugars liberation, inhibitory compounds formation and fermentations".
    DATE: September 2016
    PhD student: Rodolfo Travaini
    Supervisor: Silvia Bolado Rodríguez
  13. TITLE: “Anaerobic treatment of municipal wastewater in membrane bioreactors under psycrophilic conditions”.
    DATE: September 2016
    PhD student: Joao Arthur Ferreira Gouveia
    Supervisor: Mar Peña & Fernando Fdz-Polanco
  14. TITLE: “Innovative algal-bacterial processes for wastewater treatment: a further step towards full scale implementation”.
    DATE: July 2016
    PhD student: Esther Posadas Olmos
    Supervisor: Raúl Muñoz & Pedro A. García-Encina
  15. TITLE:“In-situ lignocellulotic enzyme production by solid state fermentation.”
    PhD student: Alicia Mansour. Veolia Environment Research & Innovation
    Supervisor: María Fdz-Polanco (UVa) & Thelmo Alejandro Lu Chau (USC)
    University: Valladolid
    Faculty: School of Industrial Engineerings
    Year: 2015 Mark: Sobresaliente cum laude
    Current Position: R&D department of VEOLIA ENVIRONMENT
  16. TITLE: Evaluation of the performance and sustainability of algal-bacterial processes during wastewater treatment using a mass balance approach.
    DATE: July 2015
    AUTHOR: Cynthia Alcántara Pollo
    SUPERVISORS: Raúl Muñoz Torre & Pedro A. García Encina
  17. TITLE: Occurrence and effects of pharmaceuticals and personal care products: new contributions in predictive models, potential risks assessments and ranking of hazards.
    DATE: Octubre 2015
    AUTHOR: Sheyla Ortiz de García
    SUPERVISORS: Rubén Irusta Mata & Pedro A. García Encina
  18. TITLE: Anaerobic degradation of anionic surfactants by denitrifying bacteria
    DATE: October 2014
    AUTHOR: Ana Maria da Silva Paulo
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Alfons Stams & Dr. Pedro A. García Encina
  19. TITLE: Evaluation of the influence of operational conditions and pretreatments in the anaerobic digestion of microalgae.
    DATE: July 2014
    AUTHOR: Marta E Alzate Andrade
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Sara I. Perez Elvira & Dr. Raúl Muñoz Torre
  20. TITLE: Biotechnologies for Air Pollution Control: Overcoming Design And Operational Limitations.
    DATE: April 2014
    AUTHOR: Jose Manuel Estrada Perez
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Raúl Muñoz Torre
  21. TITLE: Microaerobic removal of hydrogen sulphide from biogas.
    DATE: April 2014
    AUTHOR: Iris Ramos Castaño
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. María Fdz-Polanco
  22. TITLE: Pretreatment Technologies to enhance solid waste anaerobic digestion.
    DATE: April 2014
    AUTHOR: Raúl Cano
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. María Fdz-Polanco
  23. TITLE: Anaerobic Digestion of the organic Fraction of Urban Solid Waste using Prediction Tools.
    DATE: April 2014
    AUTHOR: Ana Nielfa
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. María Fdz-Polanco
  24. TITLE: Thermal Hydrolysis Process as a Pretreatment to Anaerobic Digestion of Solid Wastes.
    DATE: Nov 2013
    AUTHOR: L. Catarina Gonçalves Ferreira
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Sara I. Pérez Elvira
  25. TITLE: Comparative Evaluation of Conventional and Innovative Biotechnologies for Odour Abatement in Wastewater Treatment Plants.
    DATE: Feb 2013
    AUTHOR: Raquel Lebrero Fernández
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Raúl Muñoz Torre
  26. TITLE: Study of the Autohydrolysis Pretreatment of Secondary Sludge and its Influence on the Anaerobic Digestion.
    DATE: July 2012
    AUTHOR: Andrea Carvajal Guevara
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Mar Peña Miranda
  27. TITLE: Molecular Biology Techniques Applied to Wastewater and Odour Treatment Processes.
    DATE: Dec 2011
    AUTHOR: Elisa Rodríguez Rodríguez
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Pedro A. García Encina
  28. TITLE: Development of Biphasic Processes of Biodegradation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Technical and Economical Feasibility.
    DATE: July 2011
    AUTHOR: María Hernández García
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Raúl Muñoz Torre & Dr. Guillermo Quijano
  29. TITLE: Swine Manure Treatment in Algal-bacterial Systems.
    DATE: July 2011
    AUTHOR: Ignacio de Godos
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Raúl Muñoz Torre & Dr. Eloy Becáres (University of Leon)
  30. TITLE: H2S Free Biogas. From Anaerobic to Microaerobic.
    DATE: March 2011
    AUTHOR: Israel Díaz Villalobos
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. María Fdz-Polanco
  31. TITLE: Anaerobic and Microaerobic Treatment of Sulphate-rich Wastewater.
    DATE: July 2010
    AUTHOR: Alexandre Colzi Lopes
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. María Fdz-Polanco
  32. TITLE: Oxygen Transfer in partitioning bioreactors-CINVESTAV, México.
    DATE: Nov 2009
    AUTHOR: Guillemo Quijano Govantes
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Frederic Thalasso (CINVESTAV) & Dr. Raul Muñoz Torre (UVa)
  33. TITLE: Sustainability Tools Development in Process Engineering. Application to the Petrochemical Industry of Altamira, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
    DATE: Nov 2008
    AUTHOR: Óscar Laureano Casanova
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Fernando Fdez.-Polanco & Dr. Sara I. Pérez Elvira
  34. TITLE: Swine Manure Treatment: Phase Separation and Biological Treatment of both Liquid and Solid Phases.
    DATE: Nov 2008
    AUTHOR: Cristina González Fernández
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Pedro Antonio García Encina & Dr. Raúl Muñoz Torre
  35. TITLE: Evaluation of the Effect on Human Health and on Natural Environments of Fixed Pollution Sources.
    DATE: 2008
    AUTHOR: Yolanda Núñez Pérez
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Rubén Irusta Mata
  36. TITLE: Color removal of molasses wastewater by Trametes versicolor.
    DATE: Nov 2007
    AUTHOR: Ricardo Rioja Ribón
    SUPERVISORS: Gerardo González Benito y Mar Peña Miranda
  37. TITLE: Nutrient Removal in Biofilm Processes using Aeration Cycles: Fluidized bed and Mobile Beds.
    DATE: 2007
    AUTHOR: Amparo Martín Martín
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Pedro Antonio García Encina
  38. TITLE: Mathematical Modeling of VOCs biodegradation in suspended growth cultures: Microbiological aspects, kinetics and transport.
    DATE: April 2007
    AUTHOR: Sergio Bordel Velasco
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Raúl Muñoz & Dr. S. Villaverde
  39. TITLE: Toluene Biodegradation in Suspended Cultures of Pseudomonas putida. Stability Studies.
    DATE: Oct 2007
    AUTHOR: Luis Felipe Díaz Beltrán
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Raúl Muñoz & Dr. S. Villaverde
  40. TITLE: Development of Thermal Hydrolysis Processes for Sludge Minimization.
    DATE: 2006
    AUTHOR: Sara Isabel Pérez Elvira
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Fernando Fdez-Polanco & Dr. María Fdez-Polanco Iñiguez de la Torre
  41. TITLE: Development of Automatic Systems for Anaerobic Assays.
    DATE: 2006
    AUTHOR: Pedro Pablo Nieto
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Fernando Fdez.-Polanco & Dr. María Fdez-Polanco Iñiguez de la Torre
  42. TITLE: Oxidation in supercritical Water: Pilot Scale Development and Modelling of a Transpirable Wall Reactor and Thermodynamic Study of Key Systems.
    DATE: 2005
    AUTHOR: Dolores Bermejo Roda
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Fernando Fdez.-Polanco & Dr. Mª José Cocero Alonso
  43. TITLE: Color removal of molasses wastewater by chemical oxidation whit ozone.
    DATE: Dec 2005
    AUTHOR: Mónica Coca Sanz
    SUPERVISORS: Gerardo González y Mar Peña Miranda
  44. TITLE: Dairy Waste: Application of Combined Technologies of Solid-Liquid Separation and Biological Treatment.
    DATE: 2004
    AUTHOR: Carlos Rico de la Heras
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. Pedro A. García Encina & Dr. José L. Rico Gutiérrez
  45. TITLE: Interactions carbon-nitrogen-sulphur in a fluidized bed with granular activated carbon.
    DATE: 2001
    AUTHOR: María Fdez-Polanco Iñiguez de la Torre
    SUPERVISORS: Dr. S. Villaverde
  46. TITLE: Toxicity and biodegradation of chorophenols.
    DATE: January 2001
    AUTHOR: Carlos Alberto Vallecillo Blanco
    SUPERVISORS: Pedro García Encina y Mar Peña Miranda